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National Antitobacco Coalition

National Antitobacco Advocacy Coalition "For the accession of Russia to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" was established on August 31, 2006. The creation of Coalition was initiated by the Open Health Institute. The Coalition was renamed into Antitobacco Advocacy Coalition after accession to FCTC in April 2008.

The Coalition goal is to unite the efforts of leading public organizations, striving for the improvement of the health of the nation, in order to advocate for Russia's implementationof the(FCTC). The Framework Convention stipulates for substantial restriction of global distribution of tobacco products, increase of excise taxes, ban on smoking in public places and advertising of tobacco products and other measures proved to be effective in many countries of the world. The Coalition's goals also include provision of reliable information on trends of smoking, problems, related to smoking, and measures of tobacco control. The Coalition members believe that FCTC provides minimal standards of tobacco control only.

These organizations participate in Coalition:

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